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Jennifer Ann Chapman

(541) 997-9500

OBJECTIVES: Seeking a full or part time position in Sales.

AVAILABILITY: Available to begin employment as of 10/98.


Ventura High School
Graduated 6/88

Ventura Community College

USCG SS "A" School

Lane Community College
Lane Outreach Florence Branch
12/96-6/98 Attending part time/Majoring in Classical History

Hoping to continue working toward my degree in Washington.


Assistant Manager
Catch the Wind Kites
1250 Bay Street
Florence, Or 97439
(541) 997-9500
Direct Supervisor- Wally Morey
Job Responsibilities- Sales, repairs, instruction, employee scheduling, employee training, daily and weekly reports, banking, kids classes, festival planning. etc.
Reason for leaving- Relocating to Washington

Accounts Payable
Whitlog Trailers Inc.
Winston, Or
Direct Supervisor- Stan Anderson
Job Responsibilities- Keeping current accounts of over 70 vendors, costing out equipment and logging trailers, cataloging and updating price changes, driving flag car for logging trucks.
Reason for leaving- Relocating

United States Coast Guard 9/91-9/95
USCG Group Cape May
USCG Station Umpqua River
Job Responsibilities- Qualified Search and Rescue crewman on 44' Moter Life Boat, 30' Surf Rescue Boat, and Rigid Hull Inflatable boat. Communications and Radio watchstander, station maintenance, boat maintenance and re-fiitings, Color Guard for parade details, duty cook. Honorably discharged after serving a four year tour.
Reason for leaving- End of tour


Wally Morey
1250 Bay Street
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 997-9500

Will Strhum
CTW Lincoln City
(541) 994-9500

Rob McDaniel
CTW Lincoln City
(541) 994-9500

Larry Clark
3524 Ocean View Dr
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 902-0344


Taking college courses, web page design, reading, designing, single line kites, and being head cheerleader for an amature stunt kite ballet team.