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Due to the unfortunate demise of Draac, please excuse the current technical difficulties with my pages.... Lots of my pics and all of my music...POOF! Gone!

This is the Age of Innocence
True Innocence
All your Demons are visible
All your Demons are material

Call them Pain
Call them Hunger
Call them War

Mythic evil you don't need anymore.

Drive out the vampires and the devils
With gods you no longer adore

The man with fangs wears a cloak.
What passes for a charm
Is a charm.

Understand what you see
When you see me!

Kill us, my brothers and sisters
The war is on

Understand what you see
When you see me.

Lestat de Lioncourt
San Francisco Cow Palace

Enter Night Island

What did you think of QOTD on the big screen???


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These pages are primarily dedicated to the author
Anne Rice, and other various vampiric subject matter...

Below are a couple other interests that are not "creature of the night" related...

I have an insatiable passion for history, and with that has come a love for historical quotations, both literary and otherwise.
Go to my quotations page to read some of my favorites

Cooking and Wine are longtime loves of mine.
I especially like the cuisine and drink of the Mediterranean.
Southern France, Italy, Greece, etc.
Go to my recipe page for some recipes, most of which include wine or some other spirit!

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