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I have tried to include photos for as many of the actors as I could. There are a lot of pics here, so it may take a little while to load...Please go to my guestbook with your comments or suggestions!

LESTAT- ?????
OK OK OK!!!!  No more Leo!! Actually, when I
first put him up, I was so hoping that he would come out with something that
would prove him to everyone as capable of playing The Brat Prince, because I DO
think he is underestimated as an actor... but... alas... not to be! I do
agree with some suggestions... David Bowie, like 15-20 years ago...
Rutger Hauer..ummm... 10-15 years ago, but no-one now. Some say Val Kilmer,
butI just can't see it personally.... The same with Tom Cruise... They are
both so... well... themselves... (: Lestat and Armand are both giving me
a big pain in the butt... so any suggestions are sooo much appreciated....

LOUIS- Brad Pitt I didn't like Brad at all the first time I saw the movie, but I have grown to appreciate his performance, and even grown to see him as the only actor ever being able to capture Louis.

GABRIELLE- Michelle Pfieffer Michelle matches the discription of Gabrielle perfectly for me... so catty and can be so cold!

NICOLAS- ETHAN HAWKE I am not sure why I like him for this part... He just looks like Nicki to me. I was watching Gattaca, and sat up and said "there's Nicki!"

MAGNUS- JOHN MALKOVICH He has that unkempt insane genius look that I always imagined Magnus to have. I can just imagine his voice hissing "wolf killer!"

MARIUS- SEAN BEAN I have thought of him as my Marius for a long time. He has been in many BBC productions, as well as quite a few films

PANDORA- SOPHIE MARCEAU She was wonderful in "Braveheart," and "Anna Karinina." She co-starred with Sean Bean in the latter... Lots of chemistry, and you need that for Pan and Marius!

SEAN BEAN & SOPHIE MARCEAU TOGETHER Especially after reading "Pandora," in which there is a brief scene in which Pan and Marius dance together. This photo captures the both of them perfectly for me!

AKASHA- ANGELA BASSETT I think that Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne would make an incredible King and Queen of the vampires!


This is the only relatively good picture of him I
could find. Check him out in "Othello!" Too bad Enkil is
such a small part!

ARMAND- ????? AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Please...I need suggestions!!!!

DANIEL- MATT DAMON When I saw "Good Will Hunting," I thought he was great. I never really liked Christian Slater in this role... I'm I'm not sure why.. I think it was his voice...

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