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Cast List
page two


What more needs to be said? Altho I am quite taken with Ian McKellen too!

JESSE- NICOLE KIDMAN I know that a lot of people will disagree with me on this one. I still think she would be terrific. She is exactly how I thought Jesse would be when I first read the book

MAHARET/MEKARE- JULIANNE MOORE Julianne Moore fits perfectly the image of the twins for me. She has an ageless quality that is a necessity for characters of the "first brood"

KHAYMAN- DANIEL DAY LEWIS He is so intense and strange normally, he would be the perfect Khayman.


 I know, I know, she is too old now...but wouldn't it be
cool if her ghost came to Lestat in the shape that she 
always resented him for not having?  There could be a
combination of outakes from IWTV with the new footage...
I'm not sure if I even like the idea, but there it is.
Kirsten is so great, she needs to be in here somewhere... 
Anyway, if not Claudia, she must do a cameo as

SANTINO- MICHAEL WINCOTT this guy great or what? I have always thought he would make a beautiful vamp, and Santino would be perfect... so dark and intense

ERIC- RALPH FIENNES A lot of people want him for Marius, but he just looks a little to frail and nervous to me...kinda like Eric! Don't get me wrong...I love him, but Marius should look stronger IMO,and he would be great as Eric!

MAEL- BRENDAN GLEESON This was Mel's best friend Hamish in "Braveheart". He has the perfect big blonde Celtic warrior look! I couldn't find a picture of him, unfortunately. Just take my word for it.. 8^)

RAGLAN JAMES- ADRIAN PAUL Can't say enough about Adrian Paul! He has the looks that would fascinate Lestat, the charisma to pull off being Lestat, and the "old world" charm and class to be David Talbot.

ROGER- AL PACINO Charming and beautiful enough to entrance The Brat, and the perfect actor to play a sophisticated world class drug dealer!

DORA- WINONA RYDER I didn't even realize that this pic was of Winona Ryder when I first saw it. All I knew was that this is how I always envisioned Dora...

MEMNOCH- GARY OLDMAN He is so cool. What a character actor! I thought of Christopher Walken, but I don't think he could pull off the "ordinary man" look, if you know what I mean... P.S. Sorry about the picture.. I couldn't resist ;)

FLAVIUS- My favorite vampire! I don't know why, but he absolutely enthralled me when I read Pandora! No idea who I would want to play him... needs MUCH thought!

COMING SOON... I hope.... so much to do.... VITTORIO!!!