Queen of the Damned

QOTD Movie
I hated it intensely as being nothing in any way related to the books! I could tell that Anne had no creative control whatsoever. All the vampires had makeup jobs that made them look like they had been punched in the eyes a lot. Whats up with Marius being Lestats maker??? Maharet looked like a worn out Madame, as did who I thought was supposed to be Pan... and Armand was the worst!!! He looked like a demented cupie doll...

Anyway.. I could go on with the negatives.. but here are the positives.... aside from the story, Aaliyah was fantastic, and the soundtrack rocks!!!!

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Of particular interest to me lately has been casting ideas for The Vampire Chronicles, and The Mayfair Chronicles-
There is still much contention between fans of Interview over the casting choices that were made for IWTV and QOTD

I have listed my current (and very subject to change!) choices that I would use if I were in charge of casting any further adaption of these books.
Please go to my guestbook, and add your choices and comments for casting on any of Anne's books, as well as any other ideas you might have...
I love to learn how other people envision my favorite vampires and witches, as well as my favorite castrati, ghosts, and all the rest of the cool characters Anne has created!!!
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